Courses Offered & Eligibility for Admission in Directorate of Open and Distance Learning

From the session 2018-19 the following Departments are in operation under the preview of the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, University of Kalyani as per UGC approval.

Sl. No. Courses Eligibility Criteria Duration
1. M.A. in Bengali Hons. / Spl. Hons. / General Graduate (10+2+3) with qualifying marks in the subject concerned carrying a total no. of at least 300 marks/ Pass Graduate (10+2+2) with one- year bridge course in relevant subject. Two Years 4 Semesters
2. M.A. in English Two Years 4 Semesters
3. M.A. in History Two Years 4 Semesters
4. M.A. in Education Two Years 4 Semesters
5. M.Sc. in Zoology Two Years; 4 Semesters
6. M.Sc. in Botany; Two Years 4 Semesters
7. M.A./M.Sc. in Geography Two Years 4 Semesters
8. M.Sc. in Mathematics Two Years 4 Semesters


  1. A candidate with M.A subject is eligible to get admission in M.A in any other subject (other than M.A in Education) offered through Distance Education Mode irrespective of whether or not that subject was offered by him/her at the degree stage. But the candidates with M.A in any professional subject like Music, Drama, Flim Studies, Physical Education (M.P.Ed), General Education (M.Ed.) etc. will not be eligible to avail the provision.
  2. In case of M.A in Education, Graduates or Post Graduates with B.Ed. or equivalent degrees are also eligible besides those who meet the above mentioned eligibility conditions.
  • For M.A. courses, students can be admitted in the Head Quarter (KU Main Campus) along with approved 25 Study Centers.
  • For M.Sc Courses, students can be admitted only in the (Head Quarter) KU Main Campus