About Us

    The DODL of the University of Kalyani was established with a view to achieving, among others, the following objectives:

    1.To make higher education available to persons who for one reason or others are not in a position to prosecute studies under formal programmes as regular full time students in academic institutions.

    2.To make higher education available to all irrespective of age and place of residence particularly keeping in mind the need of the working persons and of those residing in remote areas.

    3.To develop a system of education that is neither entirely separate from nor wholly independent of the formal full time campus system of education.It would form complement to the latter.

    4.To provide a system of student centred,self paced learning. Emphasis is laid on the development of self learning study material which are specially designed and the students have to set their own methodology of learning with the help of various teaching/learning aids available.

    5.To inculcate a sense of confidence in the mind of the students and to try to make them prepared for facing the adds of the competitive market. 6.To help students understand the true meaning of education.